Thursday, July 9, 2015

#CramAThon 2015 & #24in48

Hey everyone! So this year I have decided to participate in the #CramAThon! I'm excited to participate and see how far I get! The point of the #CramAThon is to get ahead on your goodreads goal and right now I am behind on my goodreads goal! :( So you are supposed to read small books on your shelf! There are certain challenges that you can complete but my goal is to just read as many short books as I can in this time! It starts July 10th at 12am (midnight) and ends at 11:59 on July 13 (your timezone). I'm excited to start! 

I'm also going to be participation in the #24in48 read-a-thon too! You want to read for 24 hours in a span of 48 hours!

Here's my TBR: 

I'm super excited to start! Leave a comment if your also participation in these read-a-thons!

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